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This page lists news in chronological order with the more recent at the top. Click on the title for further information.

27th October 2015 Foot Guards' Bands in London
September 2014 Monopoly Moonwalk 2014
May 2013 Chocolates to Slovo May 2013
April 2013 Joe Slovo squatter camp 20th April 2013
April 2013 Medical Tattooing (permanent makeup), April 2013
October 2012 Tembisa Hospital, October 12th 2012
August 2012 Kliptown Fire, August 18th 2012
July 2012 Mandela Day Craft Activity (Chequers Board), July 18th 2012
July 2012 Mandela Day Craft Activity (Foam Fish), July 18th 2012
April 2012 Easter Cereal Please, 2012
April 2012 Easter 2012
November 2011 Sizwe makes his mark at Inyathelo 2011
November 2011 Little Boy Big Heart
September 2011 Malicious Damage to Fire Fighting Water Tank
September 2011 Rosie Speech About Amanda
September 2011 Frere Hospital in East London
September 2011 Neil Does 94.7 Cycle Challenge For Children
September 2011 (spring) Great writer Jose Luis Peixoto visits us
August 2011 Jacques van Rhyn
August 2011 Gees van omgee kom kort (Spirit of caring falls short)
August 2011 Philanthropy in Health Award
July 2011 Devastation at Slovo Again
June 2011 Oliver Twist
June 2011 Blankets and Jerseys
June 2011 Auckland Park Arson Survivor on TV
May 2011 London Fire Chief jumps out of sky
May 2011 In Hot Water
May 2011 Exploding gas fridge leaves Kliptown family destitute
May 2011 Vulture Rehabilitation Centre
May 2011 Kliptown - Soweto Fire Scene
April 2011 Royal Wedding
March 2011 Tsunami lesson and what happend to Japan.
March 2011 Noreen Davern, accompanied our children to meet elephants in the Pilanseberg.
February 2011 The children love a garden full of birds and their nests at Children of Fire
February 2011 James Partridge
June 2010 Winter Warning
April 2010 Doughnut factory
January 2010 Monopoly Moonwalk
November 2009 Lance Laboratories
October 2009 Fraud Warning
9 May 2009 fund raising event that will be held at University of Johannesburg
May 2009 Child Injury Prevention report launched (English Version)
May 2009 Child Injury Prevention report launched (French Version)
August 2008 Feleng, German press release
2008 AlexandrA Xenophobia
July 2008 People who volunteer at Children of Fire long term get many and varied opportunities.
May 2008 Lindiwe Ngwenya escourted Sudanese burns survivor Rachid Dahiye to Tunis
February 2008 Creative minds played around with Children of Fire’s idea of fiery sauces
December 2007 Happy kids in the garden at 58
July 2007 On top of Kilimanjaro
Christmas 2007 Christmas 2007
July 2007 Kilimanjaro article written for Renaissance magazine
December 2006 Stove crushing team at work
November 2006 Johannesburg's Annual Chocolate Fest
March 2006 Katlego, Vincent, Dorah, Sizwe, Feleng with McDonalds toys
November 2005 Geerlande Homburg
September 2005 Canada News: Girl Quilt Makers
September 2005 Canada outreach
March 2005 Veolia Water gives a 15000 litre tank to gather rainwater
March 2005 Children of Fire Easter 2005 outing
September 2004 Ad Outpost provide Children of Fire's first billboard
30th April 2004 Dorah visits England
April 2004 Sontonga Quartet pictures from their 21st March performance
18th March 2004 Sontonga Quartet to perform at Joe Slovo camp Sunday 21st March
9th January 2004 2 Pictures from the happier side of Christmas 2003
December 2003 Buckets for Christmas 2003
2003 History in Photos

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