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The charities have purchased or acquired a number of pieces of special equipment for children to use. Where possible, this equipment is passed on to other children who could also benefit from its use, once the original beneficiary has outgrown it mentally or physically.

Amy Mannheimer (below) borrowed the gait trainer on long term loan, that was previously used by burns-survivor Dorah Mokoena. Amy was born with cerebral palsy and needed the gait trainer to help her to learn to walk. She lives in Johannesburg and now (August 2002) walks quite well and can even run a little.


Tristan & Amy

Subsequently the gait trainer has been taken to Bronkhorstspruit to be used by a variety of children at the Sizanani Catholic Mission. Sizanani (sizanani@iafrica.com contact: Elizabeth Schilling) helps severely mentally-disabled children to optimise their quality of life and also has an Aids Hospice. It supports the local community through pottery and craft projects and runs a conference centre as well. Students from Europe assist at Sizanani in lieu of military service. The gait trainer remains the property of Children of Fire and remains available on loan to the most needy children, whether burned or not.

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