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Children of Fire The Charities

Lawyers have set up the Dorah Mokoena Charitable Trust in the UK, to help Dorah and other South African children in need of specialised medical treatment. The Trust has been registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales, number 1070000 and all money donated is placed in this fund and administered by the Trustees. There is a financially independent parallel charity in South Africa called "Children of Fire".

The Dorah Mokoena Charitable Trust trustees are: Haydn Harris, Bronwen Jones, Keith Dixon and Glynn Jones. The Children of Fire trustees are: Vhonani Mufamadi, Ann Metcalf, Richard Steyn, Thandiwe Klassen & Bronwen Jones. Thandiwe Klassen is a jazz singer who was herself burned many years ago.

Ways to help..... Skills & Knowledge

There are a lot of ideas in the Schools Guide and in the Dorah House section of this website that need people's ideas and skills. Please read them and see if you can contribute your thoughts and skills, and email them to: firechildren@icon.co.za


People in Africa who can visit children in burns wards would give them the friendship/companionship and attention that they lack. If you need guidance before approaching a hospital, feel free to email firechildren@icon.co.za or phone 011 726 6529 9-12 on weekdays, within South Africa.


The recognition of a wider need to help children and young people from other south African states has led the trustees to decide to close the Dorah Mokoena Charitable Trust and to open a new one called Children of Fire International. This will happen soon. All funds collected from now on will still be to assist children like Dorah but may also be spent on young people who have been burned up to the age of 25, even elsewhere in Africa. And funds may also be spent on wider educational initiatives and prevention programmes. You can contribute to this new charity by making donations to "Children of Fire International", sort code 20-17-92, account number 90103330.

If you want to support our children , you can make a donation to us in the UK or in South Africa and please email us at firechildren@icon.co.za to say that you have made the donation, so that we know how much we have raised, and how far we still have to go.
account details for the climb:

Donations to the Children of Fire trust in South Africa can be sent to Children of Fire, P O Box 1048, Auckland Park, 2006, RSA, or paid into the First National Bank, Melville (branch number: 256505), account number 61492023919. Cheques should be payable to "Children of Fire".

Ways to Give

People who want to give money to the UK charity need to know that there is no longer a minimum amount payable under the Gift Aid scheme and that deeds of covenant are no longer necessary, although a formal declaration is still required to the charity by the taxpayer (unless there was an existing covenant). Under the Payroll Giving scheme, the maximum donation limit has been abolished and for all payments made under the scheme before 6 April 2003, the UK Government will pay a ten per cent supplement.

Rules and legal issues concerning donations in/from other countries will be added to this site as we find the information. Information on Wills and Bequests will also be added to the site in the near future.

For further information Bronwen Jones can be contacted by email at: firechildren@icon.co.za

In the UK, please contact the Secretary of Children of Fire International, 47 Houselands Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1JJ or email: rwright@wilmington.co.uk

This material is Copyright The Dorah Mokoena Charitable Trust and/or Children of Fire , 1998-2020.
Distribution or re-transmission of this material, excluding the Schools' Guide, is expressly forbidden without prior permission of the Trust.
For further information, email firechildren@icon.co.za